Re-live the History

  • Stage 1
    The Mughal Sepulcher

    The Mughal Core. First Floor Plan showing the original Mughal Sepulchral chamber extended in 1590.

  • Stage 2
    From Tomb to Residence

    The first floor plan showing the Sikh addition held in 1830 to the original Mughal core, converting the building from an irregular to a regular octagon.

  • Stage 3
    The First British Additions

    First floor plan of the British additions carried out in 1851, Based on the pencil sketch of Honoria Lawrence and field studies.

  • Stage 4
    Palladian Tour de Force

    First Floor Plan of the second phase of British additions carried out in early 1860s during the lieutenant governorship of Robert Montgomery. The addition of a grand dual winding staircase, extension of the drawing room into a Gol Kamra and a Palladian porte cochere added instant grandeur.

  • Stage 5
    McLeod’s Indo-Gothic

    First floor plan showing the third British additions comprising Indo-Gothic features to express the Christian zeal of the rulers. The additions were made to receive increasing number of dignitaries visiting the province. A ‘stately hall; was also built in 1870's.

  • Stage 6
    Twentieth Century Additions

    First floor plan showing the new Sullivan Wings on west and east. Sullivan records pulling down of part of the earlier building, no doubt it was the north wing constructed in 1915's during the lieutenant governorship of Donald McLeod.